Little by Little, Mission Possible, Mission of Love
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Little by Little, Mission Possible, Mission of Love

11 x 17,  Eight 2-color page song visual
Songs included in this visual are "Little by Little," "Mission Possible" and "Mission of Love" and are all recorded on the Kids Sing the Good News 1 music CD and Good News Songs 5 CD

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 Lyrics for these songs are:

Little by Little
(Verse 1)
When mountains tower rugged and high, rise to the challenge, look to the sky. Trust in the Lord and start out to climb. Reach for the goal one step at a time!
Little by little, inch by inch--by the yard it's hard; by the inch, what a cinch! Never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps--little by little, inch by inch.
(Verse 2)
Growing in Christ takes work every day--reading your Bible, learning to pray. Build godly habits, seek help divine. Great things are done one step at a time.
(Sing Chorus then say) It's a cinch!

Mission of Love
Be on a mission of love. Point everyone you know to the kingdom above. Be on a mission of love. There are souls to be rescued so be on a mission of love.
Our Lord Himself is with us. His power makes us bold to share. He will give us love and courage to go out and show that we care.
(Repeat chorus)

Mission Possible
(Verse 1)
The mission is possible to all of us who believe. It's time we tell all those who'll hear to open their hearts and receive.
The mission is the Gospel. We must go out and share. Christ gave His life for sinners. Let's show them that we care.
(Verse 2)
We've got to be witnesses. We've got to show them our faith. There is a call to share God's truth no matter what it takes.
(Repeat chorus then sing) The mission is possible. Then mission is possible.

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