Music Audio

Purchase and download MP3 and MP4 files: is best for purchasing and downloading digital CEF products for Windows or Mac based desktops and laptops and for Android or Windows based tablets and phones, but not for iPhones and iPads.

If you wish to purchase downloadable products for your Apple iPhone or iPad device, please make your purchases through iTunes.  CEF has three song albums on iTunes: Sing About the King, Sing about the King 1, and Canta Acerca del Ray.
It is possible to purchase from our store using a special browser app that is capable of downloading, saving and playing products not purchased through the Apple iTunes store.
If you do this your products will not be visible to iTunes.
It is also possible to purchase them from our store, download them and add them to iTunes from a Mac or PC that you’ve already synced to your hand held device, and then resync the device to your Mac/PC but most customers will find the process complex, frustrating and dangerously error prone.