Complete Christmas Package 'God Keeps His Promises'

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Travel back in time to the first Christmas with the children you teach in this exciting retelling of the nativity story. God Keeps His Promises tells the classic story of Gabriel’s visits to Mary and Joseph, then follows them to Bethlehem for Jesus’ birth. Complete with invitation and craft templates, ideas for games, snacks and more, this Christmas party club is a helpful resource in sharing the Gospel with children in your neighborhood, church, or Good News Club.
Christmas Package 'God Keeps His Promises'
God Keeps His Promises (Visuals, teacher text, and resource PowerPoint CD)
Ultimate Christmas, Multi-song visual
Joy to the World, song visual 
Things You Need to Know, activity booklet 10 copies (Only available in English)
Sing About the King music CD #2  (includes songs in English and Spanish)
Jesus Film for Children DVD (pack of 20)
Christmas Tote
Additional Items-Bonus
Happy Birthday Jesus, song visual
Demo DVD
Christmas Music CD

Spanish available to substitute- we will include Spanish text - make note at checkout

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