JYC Curriculum (J You Connection)

Perfect for 11-15 year olds. Adaptable for 16-18 year olds. Enough material for 12 to 24 sessions. Each book includes a PowerPoint CD with masters for visuals activity sheets, resource pages and additional ideas.
Written by our CEF Workers in Northern Ireland.

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  • JYC Curriculum "Christian Soldier"

    JYC Curriculum "Christian Soldier"

    The Christian Soldier describes the spiritual battle and equipment (armor of God) used in spiritual warfare. Give teens a final challenge to be sure they are in God’s army, trusting in the Commander, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Lessons 1-4: The Battle: Spiritual Warfare, The Enemy's Strategy, Joining the Army, and Ready for Battle
    Lessons 1-11: The Equipment: The Girdle of Truth, The Breastplate of Righteousness, The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace, The Shield of Faith, The Helmet of Salvation, The Sword of the Spirit, and Praying Always.
    Lesson 12: The Challenge

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  • JYC Curriculum "God's Way"

    JYC Curriculum "God's Way"

    God’s Way is divided into three parts:
    Lessons 1 - 4: The Way to God : The True God; Barriers and Blessings; The Bridge of Salvation: Justification
    Lessons 5 - 10: Living God's Way: Fruit of the Spirit; Authority; Possessions; Morality; Time
    Lessons 11 - 12: Final Challenge: Choose God’s Way; Trust God on the Way

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  • JYC Curriculum "The World"

    JYC Curriculum "The World"

    The World explains the origin of the Earth, how sin entered the world, salvation through Jesus Christ, assurance of salvation, separation from the world, sanctification, other religions, missions and God’s guidance.
    Lessons 1-2: How in the world did we get here? 
    Lessons 3-4: What in the world is wrong?
    Lessons 5-6: Where in the world are you?
    Lessons 7-8: In the world but not of the world.
    Lessons 9-10: Who in the world is right?
    Lesson 11: Why in the world am I here?
    Lessons 12: Where in world should I go?

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  • JYC Curriculum "Following Jesus"

    JYC Curriculum "Following Jesus"

    Following Jesus answers the question “Why follow Jesus?” through a study of the lives of Peter, John, Judas, Andrew and Mary.
    Lesson 1: Why Follow Jesus?
    Lesson  2 - 3: Peter - Changed Forever & Peter - Failures and Victories
    Lessons 4 - 5: John - A Devoted Follower & John - Looking Forward
    Lessons 6 - 7: Judas - Pretending to Follow & Judas - On the Road to Ruin
    Lessons 8 - 9: Andrew - Brining Others to Jesus & Andrew - Sharing the Message
    Lessons 10 - 11: Mary - Freed from Sin & Mary - Empowered to Serve
    Lesson 12: Being a True Follower

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  • JYC Curriculum "God Says"

    JYC Curriculum "God Says"

    God Says is divided into four sections: This Is My Word, These Are My Standards (the Ten Commandments), Christ Is the Answer, What Is Your Response? 

    Lessons 1 - 2: God Says This is My Word & Why study the Bible, How to study the Bible
    Lessons 3-6: God Says These are My Standards: The Ten Commandments
    Lessons 7-10: God Says Christ is the Answer: His Deity, His Life, His Death, His Resurrection
    Lessons 11-12: God Says What is Your Response?:  Are you Saved? Are you Growing?

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