God's Mercy: Return from Exile

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  • God's Mercy: Return from Exile - Flashcard

    God's Mercy: Return from Exile - Flashcard

    Full-color flashcard visuals to teach the lessons in God's Mercy: Return from Exile. Suggested to use with the lesson text. Each visual has a number that correlates with each part of the lesson text so the teacher knows when to show each visual!

    13” x 9 5/8” (33 x 24.4 cm)  5-6 visuals per lesson

    See description on lesson text for specific details (titles, memory verses, etc.,). Lesson text must be purchased separately.

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  • God's Mercy: Return from Exile - English Text

    God's Mercy: Return from Exile - English Text

    God’s Mercy: Return from Exile includes five lessons from Ezra and Nehemiah that will inspire children to trust God to keep His word, rely on God for strength, and to believe on Jesus to save them from the darkness of sin. Includes a master planning chart, schedule, lesson overview and outline, detailed story line, review questions and more!

    Lesson 1
    – God Rebuilds His Temple (Evangelistic Narrative) (2 Chronicles 6, Ezra 1 and more)
    Memory Verse: Deuteronomy 7:9
    Lesson 2 –God Answers Nehemiah’s Prayer (Growth Narrative) ( Nehemiah 1)
    Memory Verse: Psalm 17:6
    Lesson 3 – God Helps Nehemiah Persevere (Growth Narrative) (Nehemiah 2:9 and 4:23)
    Memory Verse: Romans 8:31
    Lesson 4 – God Protects Nehemiah from Distractions (Growth Narrative) (Nehemiah 5:14 and 6:16) Memory Verse: Matthew 6:33
    Lesson 5 – God Reminds the People of His Law (Growth Narrative) (Nehemiah 8:1, 10-13, 13:6-31)
    Memory Verse: Psalm 51:1

    Flashcard visuals must be purchased separately.

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