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  • The Ice Cream MESSage

    The Ice Cream MESSage

    Revised 2019
    Boys and girls will enjoy this ice cream themed party as they play games, sing songs, and learn from God’s Word. The Gospel is clearly presented through the lesson, “Diego Takes the Blame.” Children will relate to this fictional story of a boy who struggles with peer pressure. Diego provides an example of Christian living as he remembers God’s Word, asks for God’s help, and does the right thing. Saved children will be encouraged to stand up for what’s right.

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  • Jesus Calms the Storm (Sample lesson)
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    Jesus Calms the Storm (Sample lesson)

    Sample lesson from Jesus: God of Power and Glory series - Jesus Calms a Terrible Storm
    Includes all flashcard visuals and text - a complete lesson.

    Mark 4:35-41 Memory verse Matthew 6:1
    13” x 9 5/8” (33 x 24.4 cm)


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  • The Greatest Valentine

    The Greatest Valentine

    Valentine's Day is more than roses, hearts and candy! This new lesson shares the message of God's eternal love--the greatest valentine ever! Tell the story of Valentine, a Christian who risked his life to obey God and share His love with others in ancient Rome. Includes valentine-themed games, activities, a foldable memory verse object lesson, plus optional resources to encourage children to pray for the persecuted church.
    Roses are red, violets are blue, God wants to reach kids and He wants to use you!
    Suggested songs The 7 MIT (Most Important Things) and verse song Jeremiah 31:3 found on One Way music CD. Christ Redeemed US found on Sing About the King 1 & 4.

    11 x 17 visuals and teacher text

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  • Discovering with God (George Washington Carver)

    Discovering with God (George Washington Carver)

    Follow George Washington Carver's life from his capture by slave thieves as a young child to his conversion to Christ, his daily walk with God and his famous achievements. The lesson includes complete instructions for a peanut party--a fun evangelistic outreach!
    11" X 17" flashcard visuals with English text on the back

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  • Dinosaur Tracks

    Dinosaur Tracks

    Kids love dinosaurs! Sadly, dinosaurs are used extensively as evidence or even “proof” that God’s Word is unreliable and outdated. But dinosaurs are remarkable evidence that God knows everything and we can trust His Word.
    Use this lesson to help children understand that they can fully trust God’s Word and respond to His love by believing in His Son as their Savior.
    Party helps for a "Dino Party" include snack and craft ideas, reproducibles and Dino games (Stegosaurus Stomp, Velociraptor Relay, Tricky Triceratops Toss and more!)
    Large 11 x 17 visuals and teacher text. Suggested Memory Verse Genesis 1:1

    Watch promotional here:

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  • Shawn's Search for True Love (Valentine)

    Shawn's Search for True Love (Valentine)

    Shawn struggles with his parents' divorce in this powerful lesson. He finds unconditional love in Jesus. Through a valentine party share Jesus' love and free gift of salvation.
    8.75" x 11.75 " flashcards with English text

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  • Secret of the Watermelon

    Secret of the Watermelon

    Through this story of Jon's visit to his grandfather's farm children learn how the colors of the watermelon can be used to share the Gospel. Children will never forget this unique lesson or the fun they have at your watermelon party!
    Reproducible invitations, games and other ideas included.

    Flashcard visuals with English text

    13” x 9 5/8” (33 x 24.4 cm)

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  • Thank You Spy

    Thank You Spy

    The Thank-You Spy (formerly “Caleb, The Thank-You Spy) has been rewritten as a totally new story, with new spy-themed game, activity ideas and teaching helps! Carlos doesn’t feel like giving thanks or playing his favorite spy games because the military has moved his family again! His dad’s imminent deployment weighs heavily on Carlos’ mind. Through a series of clues and hidden messages children will discover that because of Jesus, Carlos always has reasons to thank God. Includes suggestions for using with military children. Recommended songs are “His Name Is Jesus” and “Three Questions.”
    Download ESV Verse Visuals

    Download ESV IPEAR

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  • Secreto de la Sandia texto (Secret of the Watermelon - Text)

    Secreto de la Sandia texto (Secret of the Watermelon - Text)

    Spanish teacher text to share the Secret of the Watermelon.

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  • Tomas Busco Amor texto (Shawn's Search for True Love -Text)

    Tomas Busco Amor texto (Shawn's Search for True Love -Text)

    Spanish teacher text to teach the Valentine lesson Shawn's Search for True Love.

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