GNC 2020-2021

Good News Club Curriculum for 2020 - 2021
PowerPoint CDs and downloads available two months before printed products are available.

New Foundational Series
God's Love: Hope for the Outcast PowerPoint available March 1 
Revised series: no changes to flashcards - major changes to texts
God's Power: Escape from Egypt - PowerPoint available May 1
God's Faithfulness: Return to Canaan - PowerPoint available July 1
Jesus: God Who Saves - PowerPoint available September 1

Party Clubs:
Blast Off!—the story of Johannes Kepler, new party club lesson available March 15
The Backwards Birthday Bash, Christmas kit (Visuals with PowerPoint) available now
The King's Crown, Easter kit
(Visuals with PowerPoint) available now
The Thank You Spy
Revised Sing About the King 3 Music CD - coming soon