I Look to You

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11" x 17", 12 full-color pages with lyrics to the song "I Look to You"
Today's world presents a child with many frightening situations--being bullied, moving to a new school, divorce of parents, natural disasters, fear of the dark or snakes, the serious illness of a friend, famiy member or even themself. This song will remind girls and boys what to do when they are scared.

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When the world around me is scary and I don't know what to do.
When I don't know what is coming, I remember what is true.
I look to You. I look to You.

(Chorus) You give me peace. You give me joy,
You give me hope when I am hopeless.
You remind me that I am Yours when I look to You. I look to You.

(Bridge) You say, "I will never leave you." (Echo.)
The Lord is my helper." (Echo.)

(Repeat Bridge then sing Chorus.)