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11" x 17", Eight full-color pages with lyrics for the song "Jump"
This song celebrates God--the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and what He has done to save people from sin!

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Lyrics to this visualized song are:

Jump, jump, jump (4x)

(Chorus) Let’s jump and celebrate the Father. Let’s clap and celebrate the Son.
Let’s spin and celebrate the Spirit. Let’s SHOUT about what God has done. (Repeat.)

(Verse 1 and 2) The Father knows me and He wants to be my friend.
He sent me Jesus so I’d know His love will never end. He paid the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again! Gave me His Spirit and eternal life with Him!
(Repeat chorus.)
Jump, jump, jump (4x)

(Sing verse 1 and 2.)
(Repeat chorus 2X.)
Let's jump!