God: The King of My Heart (PRE-ORDER)

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The God: The King of My Heart flashcard and text set is a brand new, supplemental lesson series on growth to be taught in children’s church, vacation Bible school, and other midweek children’s programs. Pre-order your copy during the week of conference only for 50% off! Shipments will begin the week of May 24th.  Power Points, Resource Packs and Demonstration DVDs will not be available with this new series

David’s various struggles provide great examples for us to learn how to have God be the King of our hearts. Help children learn to turn to God and trust His ways through uncertainties, difficulties, and even failures. This five-lesson series points children to put their trust in God as their Good Shepherd.

Lesson 1—God Prepares David to Be King (1 Sam. 16:5-23; 17:15-24, 32-37, 48-50; 18:6-7, 13-14) Memory verse: Psalm 23:1-2
Lesson 2—David Saves Keilah (1 Sam. 23) Memory verse: Psalm 23:3
Lesson 3—David and Bathsheba (1 Sam. 11:1—12:24) Memory verse: Psalm 23:4
Lesson 4—David Flees Absalom (2 Sam. 13:22, 28, 38; 15:1-17, 25-37; 16:15-19; 17:1-16; 18:1-15, 31-33; 19:15) Memory verse: Psalm 23:5
Lesson 5—David Anoints Solomon King (1 Kings 1:1, 5-53; 2:1-4, 10-12; 1 Chron. 28:4-7) Memory verse: Psalm 23:6

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