Wordless Book Visualized Resource & PPT Download

Revised 2019
PowerPoint visuals for The Wordless Book Visualized include flashcard visuals, memory verses (ESV and KJV) and words to suggested songs. 

PDFs of lesson include text, visuals and review, mission teaching, reproducibles (quiet time sheets, memory verse bookmarks, coloring sheets, sheet music for songs)—everything in digital format that is in the printed resource pack.

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Lesson 1 - The Gold Page (Heaven, God's holiness) Memory verse: John 3:16
Lesson 2 - The Dark Page (Sin and its consequences--Adam and Eve) Memory verse: Romans 3:23
Lesson 3 - The Red Page (Jesus, God's promised Messiah) Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 15:3-4
Lesson 4 - The Clean Page (Believe Jesus as risen Lord and Savior) Memory verse: John 1:12
Lesson 5 - The Green Page (God's Word helps us grow--Young King Josiah reads God's book of the law) Memory verse: 2 Peter 3:18
Lesson 6 – Crazy Color Celebration Review Lesson