Tip #9 –Use the Search feature

If you already know the name or SKU of the product you want, you can just start typing it into the search area.  It even finds words that are in the product descriptions. will present options for you before you even press the Search button.

Tip #8 – Browse with subcategories

Some of the product categories that contain a lot of products are broken down into subcategories.  You can go straight to a subcategory to find your desired product from the smaller list of products.

Tip #7 – Drag and Drop, THEN set your quantities

If you’re viewing the details of a product, it makes sense to enter the quantity right then as you add it to your cart.  But if you are viewing a list of products, you can save time if you click “Add to Cart” and then, after you’ve added all the products you want, view the cart and set all of your product quantities at the same time. Then proceed to checkout.

Tip #6 – Purchase and download iPhone and iPad downloads at the Apple iTunes store

If you wish to purchase downloadable products for your Apple iPhone or iPad device, please make your purchases through iTunes.  CEF has albums called Sing About the King, Sing About the King 1, Sing About the King 2, Sing About the King 3, Sing About the King 4 and Canta Acerca del Rey, Vol. 1 on iTunes. Search by our CEF albums or the title of the song.

Tip #5 – Purchase and download Windows, Android and Mac OSX downloads right here is best for purchasing and downloading digital CEF products for Windows or Mac based desktops and laptops and for Android or Windows based tablets and phones, but not for iPhones and iPads.

Upon successful payment you will immediately see a confirmation with a link to download the product. You will also receive and email confirmation with a link to the product(s). You have six days to download and three attempts. (If you need more time or attempts, please call 1-800-748-7710 or email and we will grant an extension.

Your browser might save your file in a “download folder” instead of prompting you for a location.  Access your browser’s download list, open the containing folder (In Windows you do this by right clicking on the file name), and move the file to the desired folder.

Tip #4 – Consider essential related products

If you view your cart or click checkout after you add something to your cart that is strongly related to another product, the store store will warn you that you might be missing something and give you the chance to add it to your cart before proceeding to checkout.  It’s worth reviewing those essential related items to make sure you have the companion products you need to make good use of what’s in your cart. Add only what you want, then proceed to checkout.

Tip #3 – Review your shipping options

The shipping option assigned to your order at checkout might not be your preferred choice.  Be sure to review your shipping options and select your preferred choice.

Tip #2 – Register using the proper facts  

Please do not enter a “Company” name if the account is personal.  When you’re making a personal purchase and shipping it to your church or some other organization, please enter the company name in the Ship-to address only.  If the account is to be your church’s account, please enter its name in the Company field.  CEF chapters must be pre-registered.

Tip #1 – Tell our customer service staff that they have kind hearts

You may add a customer note to your order at checkout. Notes encourage and impress our staff because they know you read all of the tips and took them to heart, even the last one, tip #1.